Thursday, 19 December 2013

Roll Round the Years

Another year rolls around and we find ourselves back in the the Ariège  - after a busy 12 months visiting a variety of destinations including, Western Scotland, Chamonix, Kalymnos, Sicily, Locarno and of course the French Pyrenees as well as finding time to rephotographing much of Peak Gritstone. My main aim for the winter is to get Eastern Grit into a suitable shape for publication towards the end of 2014 - I could have done it back in Sheffield but it much pleasant being based in the mountains.

Season Greetings and all the best for next year to anyone who has visited my blog or bought one of my books in the past 12 months.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Island Getaway

Six weeks gone in the blink of an eye.
We decided to get across to Kos a day early as the forecast is for gales tomorrow - judging by the way the shutters are banging and booming now, it was a good call.

Left: That's the fabled Kalymnos over there

The crossing was bumpy - the travel sickness pills did the trick - then we went for an exhilarating beach walk and had a meal in a deserted harbour front taverna - traveling out of season has some great perks.
The UK air traffic control system has been bust today - that, and a very short transfer at Athens might snafu our onward travel plans - lets see how far we get.
We hope to be in Ariège in a week's time - maybe, maybe not?

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