Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Still Here, Still Waiting

Graham on a 6b+ at Sit Down Buttress
 Four weeks ago today we hopped aboard the Zeebrugge to Hull ferry - four weeks back in Sheffield that have passed rather slowly! We have been pretty active with jobs climbing and walking - but generally we have been killing time, waiting for the NHS, doctors and dentists and thinking about where to go when we get released!
Summer has long been a problem, Europe is too hot, everywhere is busy and expensive - we can't wait until the school summer holidays are over!
Currently Northern Norway is still the favourite for an August trip, but already we are looking towards the autumn and escape. Current plans include Austria, Switzerland, the good old Ariège, Kalymnos and the Peleponese.
We managed 10 months away last time we left - might have to try and beat that next time around.
Sherri on top of Carl Wark with Higgar Tor behind

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Back to Blighty

Yarncliffe Quarry - hot
After a great 10 days in Chamonix it really was time to get back on the road - a steady ride to Zeebrugge and then the ferry back to Hull - with the usual free upgrade to Club Class was as easy as it gets.
We arrived into heavy rain, thick spray on the motorway and traffic jams - oddly that was exactly the kind of welcome back to the UK that we had been expecting despite it being the end of June.
In the first week it was the usual round of visits to the Doctors (x3), the Dentists, the Hospital (x2), the Garage, the Opticians and a ride up North to visit our parents - never get a minute to yourself.
Colin - Horse Thief Wall, Stoney Middleton
Then Colin came to visit, he did some very useful work on the flat and we went out climbing several days on the trot which was very nice.
We mixed it up, alternating bolt clipping on the limestone with days on the Grit, and despite the rather oppressive heat it was novel to be back climbing in the Peak.
Already we are getting itchy feet - we will have to see develops. I am hoping (hopping?) to get a minor operation done on a bony lump on my big toe - but maybe we can fit in a slider whilst we wait for the NHS to sort me out.

A month in Switzerland

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