Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Three in Ten

Peak Limestone

 May 2012  



December 2012


Costa Blanca 

February 2013


Time for a rest? I doubt it!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Different Strokes

A couple of days of sleet/snow/drizzle down at the level of the village (1700') meant it had to be worth a look up at the Beille plateau when the skies finally cleared. As expected it was -6C up at 6000' with blues skies a chill wind, and the whole area plastered under 3 feet of fresh snow - a true winter wonderland.
We borrowed Anne and Johns' snow-shoes (racquettes) and went off for a plodge around in the white stuff. It was surprisingly hard work as the snow was completely unconsolidated, though without the shoes it would have have been a waist-deep wading session. The scenery was something special, a huge white panorama and there wasn't a soul to be seen anywhere. It was a 1st for us, though I think it won't be a last!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Cool as....

Three and a half weeks in the Ariége, in the depths of winter, and it has been pretty damn pleasant. Very little rain so far, warm day-time temperatures and no snow - not yet anyway - the forecast suggests things might be going to change.

Left: Sherri on top of the Clot de Colombiere

Nights have been cool, the current record stands at 0.6C which isn't too bad. Regular checking of the weather back in the UK proves we aren't missing anything, it has sounded unremittingly wet, grey and miserable.

Right: Winter woods and stream

We have explored more of this great area, done a bit of climbing and work pretty solidly on the Costa Blanca guide - it goes to the printers in 10 days - as ever the final haul is a bit of a battle - but it will soon be out of the way. That will be three books produced in around 10 months - of course I have been working on them for several years but has still been the most productive period ever. A bit of a break is in order, a few places need visiting (climbing) - and there are other projects simmering away - all of which are Top Secret!

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