Saturday, 30 April 2011

Peaking Too Soon

The journey home was a breeze; I am no fan of RyanAir, but they whisked us back to East Midlands for £35 each and bang on time, so we have no reason to complain.
We have been watching the UK weather for a while and were well aware of what a gorgeous spring the country has been having so it was a treat to get get out in the Peak to clean up a last few crag shots. The Manifold Valley was very quiet and resplendent in its spring green colours. I have new seen Thor's Cave looking so dry, and duly photoed it.
Later that day I was on the phone to Colin and he revealed that he has three weeks off some time soon - brilliant, so where shall we go this time?
Sunday was blue and windy, a jolly team assembled at Bamford and a bunch of classics were ticked in good order. Bank Holday Monday tomorrow; could be Burbage South.

Looks like I picked up a right snotty cold on the flight home - that's what you get for £35 - dirty bar-stewards!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Jobs a Good One

It has been a busy five and a half weeks, but the task is pretty much complete - apart from a trip up to Gandia. Well that and a few bit and bobs around the Calpe area. The weather has been great, a bit warm at times but fine, and generally the cliffs have been pretty quiet. The forecast for Easter is a bit unsettled, hopefully that means we will get a rest.
I have taken 23 gig of photos - and that excluding all the ones that have already been dumped, which totals just on 2000 images - good job I am organised!
We called in at the bookstore in Calpe today and picked up the new guide to Murcia. I looks great and includes quite an array of cliffs I have never heard of - great, one more place to add to the list!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Busy On the Blanca

I wasn't sure whether six weeks would be enough time to photograph all the cliffs on the Blanca, the last version took eight visits spread over a year and a half. In the event it has gone better than we could have hoped for, 10 days left and couple more trips needed to complete the job.
It is easy to get blasé about an area that we have been visiting for 25 years, but the fact is the climbing here is great and so is the climate; it remains a spot-on destination for a HotRock holiday - long may that continue.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fame - and Fortune?

Almost week now in Calpe and it has been great to be back, gorgeous weather, some good climbing and a lovely pad overlooking the town with a distant view of the Penon.
It has been pretty warm (22C) and many of the crags are remarkably busy, especially the ones with a good array of easy routes.
We have had a couple of trips out to photo the magnificent South Face of the Penon and were surprised to see it totally deserted.
We also called into the book-shop in Calpe looking for a guide to the Murcia area. Once he knew who I was the owner grabbed me and insisted I signed the Blanca guides he had on the shelf, apparently he sold seven copies in one day last week - maybe we can afford to stay out a bit longer.

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