Monday, 24 October 2011

The 'B' Team's Back

Binks, Big Binney, and Mini-Binney sailed into Pothia on the late ferry Thursday - evading all the traps set by the Greek National Strike.
As ever they set to work with a will - 3 days in and 30 routes ticked already! Make my 50 routes in 2.5 weeks look a bit feeble - I have just been pacing myself honest!

Went to Miltiadis on Telendos today - one of Bruno Fara's discoveries. We were all pleasantly surprised, though maybe we shouldn't have been - they were superb (and at 35m - big) routes on great rock, and really well bolted - 17 clips on the 7a that Colin did on-sight.

The man himself was there hard at work as ever, creating more routes for us to do - he had broken his ice axe whilst hacking out wiry bushes - I really must buy him a beer (or maybe a Pernod) in respect of all the great work he has done.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

All Greek to Me

Three weeks now, 50 routes, it is all going pretty well. Everywhere is pretty busy, but we have managed to dodge the crowds and get plenty done.
The snorkelling has been a treat - the water is so warm, that staying in for an hour is no chore. It sounds like autumn has well and truly arrived in the UK - it might be the Grit Season, but personally I would rather be down here!
The Greek National Strike almost buggered Colin and teams travel plans but in the end it all went off OK. As I type they are having a meal just across the water, waiting for the late ferry and a tame taxi driver (me!) to collect them.
The Babis Bar is full to busting so we have moved into Pothia in the lower floor of the Babis home. We miss the sunsets, but not the incessant banging doors - I think all the bloody Frenchies stopping there were born in a field. The cats that we looked after last Christmas are all still here (well four out of five are - Coco went awol and never returned). That gives Sherri another bunch of hungry mouths to feed and bellies to tickle - besides mine that is.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


The annual tussle between the hot oppressive southern air (aka 'summer') and the fresh dry northern air (aka 'winter') has been going on for four days now. Other years it has lasted half a day or less, but this one is dragging on a bit.
We met one team that arrived two days late because of the Greek general strike, have had three wet days (plus a dry one) and are going home tomorrow!!!
A quick ride out reveals that the cliffs are as wet as I have ever seen them and there are throngs of disconsolate climbers all over the place.
Mind you - the forecast is superb!
As promised the clouds have cleared, the air has cooled and conditions are much more pleasant. The place is still thronged, and it sounds like it will get worse before it gets better. We tried a different ploy, nipping out to Dodoni at 5:00 - guess what - nice and cool and deserted too!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Strange Times

This is our 4th October in Kalymnos, but this one is a bit different, sure its hot and very busy with climbers, though this is much the same as previous years.
This tme around there are many more 'regular' tourists about, loads more shops and restaurants are open, the whole place feels much more in 'summer-mode' than ever before. I don't want to be a grouch, but I hope they all push off home soon and let the place return to the sleepy backwater we know and love!

A quick word with Diana confirmed what we thought, Babis Bar is solidly booked through to the start of November and several hotels that we have never seen open are fully booked!

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