Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Cat's Whiskers

Two weeks to the day since we got home and it has been unrelentingly miserable, cold, grey and damp, with only one sunny day. I had hoped to get a few of the outstanding crag-shots for Peak Limestone; not a chance. On the plus side, home comforts have been a treat, and I have managed to crack-on with the layout of the book; it is starting to look rather good.
Sherri has found a 'pet', a local cat that has taken a shine to her - or at least the treats she gives it. It is an looking odd critter, a Cornish Rex apparently, but it is very affable.
A trip to the Blanca looms, it looks lovely down there are the moment - a stay of a couple of months would be nice - can't wait!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Home is Where your Heart is?

The journey back to the UK was about as hassle free as you could hope; we watched the sunrise over the Turkish coast and I assume it set in the grey murk as we cross the Snake Pass heading for home.
The week has zipped by, so much too do, and the home comforts have been great, though I know at least one of the team is missing her beach walks and semi-tame cats.
Saturday it even snowed a bit - which was nice and festive - buggered our journey up north to see the parents mind. We will try again tomorrow.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Homeward Bound

It is that time again - four and a half months in Paradise and it is all coming to an end - bugger. We had a very pleasant session at the Babis household yesterday evening for his 'name-day' and today we have started the sort out ready for an early start on Sunday morning. Last year it took us five days to get home, lets see if we can improve on that.
We finished the work at Sector St George, bolted the last two routes and painted the names on the rock. Then we took the drill back to the Municipal Office and return home to find my bolts from Germany had arrived - typical!
To soften the blow of the return to the UK (4C - that can't be right) we have already booked some accommodation in Spain for next month. I am wondering about taking the STi across to Santander on the ferry and driving down - I wonder how rough the Bay of Biscay gets in March?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Driller Thriller

That's Colin's 10 days over and done. He stuck about 60 bolts in Crag X (now known as Sector St George), trundled some big rocks and put up eight worthwhile routes from 6a to 6c. We also had three rest days when we went climbing!
The birthday 'do' in the bar was a pleasant one with a few friends and locals gathered, Babis cooked pizza for all of us, champagne flowed and we sang Happy Birthday to the old bugger. The locals were very impressed with the way Colin demolished 1/4 of his cake in double quick time - and that was after three slices of pizza!

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