Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Cat's Whiskers

Two weeks to the day since we got home and it has been unrelentingly miserable, cold, grey and damp, with only one sunny day. I had hoped to get a few of the outstanding crag-shots for Peak Limestone; not a chance. On the plus side, home comforts have been a treat, and I have managed to crack-on with the layout of the book; it is starting to look rather good.
Sherri has found a 'pet', a local cat that has taken a shine to her - or at least the treats she gives it. It is an looking odd critter, a Cornish Rex apparently, but it is very affable.
A trip to the Blanca looms, it looks lovely down there are the moment - a stay of a couple of months would be nice - can't wait!

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