Friday, 11 February 2011

Homeward Bound

It is that time again - four and a half months in Paradise and it is all coming to an end - bugger. We had a very pleasant session at the Babis household yesterday evening for his 'name-day' and today we have started the sort out ready for an early start on Sunday morning. Last year it took us five days to get home, lets see if we can improve on that.
We finished the work at Sector St George, bolted the last two routes and painted the names on the rock. Then we took the drill back to the Municipal Office and return home to find my bolts from Germany had arrived - typical!
To soften the blow of the return to the UK (4C - that can't be right) we have already booked some accommodation in Spain for next month. I am wondering about taking the STi across to Santander on the ferry and driving down - I wonder how rough the Bay of Biscay gets in March?

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