Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Kalymnos Calling

100 days we have been in Ariège now - how time flies! It has been a much milder winter than last year with hardly any snow falling down at Chez Arran, which once again has proved a fantastically quiet place to spend time.
I have made huge progress with the next version on Eastern Grit which means I can ease back a bit and get some more climbing done.
I can almost feel the crinkly sharp Kalymnos limestone on my fingers, and the hot Greek sun on my back. Looking forward to sunsets on the terrace, Mythos and Metaxa in the bar - hooking up with old friends and easing back into island life.
The plan had been to return to the UK before we headed East, but Sherri found flights from Carcassonne to Stansted for €20 and Stansted to Kos for £20 - so one night in the UK (the Raddison!!) and onwards - can't wait!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Spring is Springing

Three quiet months since we rolled up to Chez Arran and suddenly there is a change in the air, the days are drawing out, the whole place has become busy (French Winter Holidays?) and suddenly it has turned warm sunny and dry - with a great forecast.

Photo right: a wander up a small hill behind Foix

Three weeks left - and then off to Kalymnos for a couple of months, looking forward to it already. We visited last spring, and it was great - warm, quiet and amazingly green. We are not too sure how we are going to get there - we have a flight booked from Stansted to Kos  (one of RyanAir's amazing £20 each deals) on April 1st, but whether we
go home 1st, or fly from here is still up for discussion.

Photo right: one more day on snow-shoes 

When the weather has been unsettled I have been proofing the new RockFax Peak Bouldering guide - it looks superb and big too at over 500 pages - I'll need to ensure that Peak Grit East 3 is up to the same standard - something to keep me occupied in Australia maybe?  :-)

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