Sunday, 9 March 2014

Spring is Springing

Three quiet months since we rolled up to Chez Arran and suddenly there is a change in the air, the days are drawing out, the whole place has become busy (French Winter Holidays?) and suddenly it has turned warm sunny and dry - with a great forecast.

Photo right: a wander up a small hill behind Foix

Three weeks left - and then off to Kalymnos for a couple of months, looking forward to it already. We visited last spring, and it was great - warm, quiet and amazingly green. We are not too sure how we are going to get there - we have a flight booked from Stansted to Kos  (one of RyanAir's amazing £20 each deals) on April 1st, but whether we
go home 1st, or fly from here is still up for discussion.

Photo right: one more day on snow-shoes 

When the weather has been unsettled I have been proofing the new RockFax Peak Bouldering guide - it looks superb and big too at over 500 pages - I'll need to ensure that Peak Grit East 3 is up to the same standard - something to keep me occupied in Australia maybe?  :-)

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