Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Flier

My father's 90th birthday and vague hope of getting some of the missing crag shots for Eastern Grit III persuaded us 'home' for a quick week - though I'm not sure Sherri was totally convinced. We said a sad farewell to the cats and just a few hours later were in a wet and cold Liverpool. Friday was a half-decent (for February) day so it was Curbar with Graham and Steve - in the event I got all the shots I wanted and we even got a couple of routes done. Saturday was an early start, a surprise for my parents (who thought we were in France) and a big get-together for the Craggs/Ramsey Clan and then onward to Sherri's mum in Saltburn for yet more food and more being talked at.
Sunday was back to Sheffield, a damp day so a chance for a bit of getting organised. The three days we had left, had a half-decent forecast and in the event I photographed some of Baslow and Gardoms, as well all of Chatsworth, Agden and Cratcliffe - turns out it was the driest spell for over two months.

Of course the big news is that we have booked flights to Singapore for June as part of planning a trip to Australia - only a 1st step as the whole idea is a bit scary/daunting - but all journeys have to start somewhere and just booking part of it gives us the option of changing our minds!

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