Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Greece - Islands and Mainlands

A private Boeing 737 - that will do nicely
 Autumn well under way so it must be time to head east - Kalymnos Calling. To be totally honest I wasn't 100% keen on going because of the ill will our new book had apparently generated in a few disgruntled souls. But Sherri wanted to see her cats and we both wanted to see out long-term Greek friends so we booked flights from Carcassonne to Stansted to Kos. The second leg was with Jet2 and we had the plane to ourselves which was a novel experience. It was headed down to bring the package holiday people home so would be full on the return journey.
Pocket Wall - form an orderly queue
Kalmnos was very busy, especially considering it is late October - possibly the busiest season ever according to sources on the island - may the new book had a positive effect after all.
Our personal tax-boat on the way
As ever we cast around to find quiet crags, there is nearly always somewhere available. Christian Lemrich's new crag at Palinisos fitted the bill perfectly - reached by a 5 minute boat ride, north-facing and 14 routes from 5a to 5c, up to 30m long and like the plane, we had it to ourselves.
At the weekend we fly up to Athens to meet Colin for a couple of weeks exploring some of the Mainland crags in the centre and the north of the country, hopefully including the mythical Meteora - looking forward to it a lot.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

There and Back

Rescued from the fire

We had planned to fly home to the UK for a week, so we could be in the country to keep half an eye on my mum, while my sister flew to Dubai for a week to visit her daughter who teaches out there.
Then on the Monday morning a fire in the bins at Barry d'en Bas scorched the side of our car - if the locals hadn't alerted us and Sherri hadn't been so quick the whole thing might have gone up in smoke - a really close call - and the first new car I have ever owned- typical!
Sunset at Zeebrugge
After a lot of mulling our options we decided the least disruptive course of action was to take the car home to get it sorted - we hadn't planned to drive back until next year.
So two days later it was Orleans > Paris > Zeebrugge > Hull > Catterick for fish and chip breakfast a couple of hours earlier than it would have been if we had flown up!
Great Harry (VS 4c)
After a couple of days we headed back to Sheffield to meet Colin and do a bit of climbing/DIY/medical, and then hopped on the train to Stansted, and back to Chez Arran eight days after we left.
 First job the next morning was White Cat to the vets for another ear operation - the cancer had returned so the ear had to go - 'streamlining' the vet called it. It was very stressful for all involved - I think we all need a bit of quiet downtime now for a few days.

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