Friday, 24 August 2018

The Summer Without End Just Ended

Zuri - Catzilla, and regular morning visitor
Nine weeks in the UK passed as all things do - we enjoyed the time visiting our respective mums, climbing in the Peak with friends old and new, as well as getting some good walks in. The weather was pretty amazing - unrelentingly hot for almost the whole period we were home - for the climbing we had to seek out shade almost every day.
Colin Hughes - Zapple HVS 5b
Several local cats called in everyday - which is always a treat for us. We hoped that their owners didn't worry too much because they were 'off their food' when they returned home - oops.
When you are only home for two months out of twelve there are the inevitable visits to doctors, dentists and garages etc. - to get checked, tested, mended and patched with the aim of getting back on the road.
Les Chasseron: 5171'
Sherri's knee has been bothering her for about 10 months - amazingly she managed to see a doctor, get x-rays, see a surgeon, get a MRI scan, see the surgeon again, see a physio and start exercises all in the space of three weeks - so far the Cortisone and exercise appear to be working - fingers crossed.
I also managed to buy a new car and new camera - also inevitable some cynics would say - then it was off again. We sailed Hull to Zeebrugge, spent a day in central France then a few days in Pontarlier - 18 routes and an excellent ridge-walk so far. Tomorrow we head for Switzerland and Saas Grund - snow is forecast - well it is August!!!!

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