Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Way of Iron

Colin has popped over for a few days (he has been down in Spain helping with some DIY projects) and after more then 3 weeks of sunshine and warm weather, rain (and snow on high ground) was forecast. We though about trying to climb but went for the Via Ferrata at Goulier instead. It was interesting romp with the customary wobby bridge (see left) and a lot of traversing to avoid the easy crest. The rain duly arrived as expected but seeing as we were already halfway up, we kept on going. The upper sections were pretty skiddy and by the time we topped out it was well and truly hammering down. We wandered through the forest and back down the road, happy in the fact that we had made something of the day, the forecast for the rest of Colin's stay is much better - Rock On!

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Left: Sherri explores another castle

Almost three weeks in, no rain to speak of and very few people around either. The snow from the last big fall (which we just missed) has started to melt, at least low down, though the tops are still plastered. We had a ride up to Andorra to replace Sherri's lost camera, and it was -9C which was a shock for us in 'summer' clothes. We have done plenty of climbing and made a good start exploring the area.

Life at ChezArran has eased into a pleasant routine, with climbing, walking and work.

John and Anne are helping hugely with the new guide and it is striding forward, publication this year looks a real possibility.

Right: Yes, that says -5C!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Settling In

Almost a week in Ariege, and we awoke to a damp grey day after five hot blue ones (19C yesterday) - a chance to get sorted. It has been great to unwind after the last six weeks of frantic guide-book related chicanery, do a bit of climbing, explore the area, have a walk in the snow and generally take things a bit easier.

Above: Sherri at 6450' on the Plateau de Beile - with camera still attached.

Sherri has already adopted a couple of local cats, both parties seem more than happy with the arrangements!

The only down-side, Sherri lost her camera up on the slopes a couple of days ago, it dropped off her belt into the snow, we retraced our steps but it had gone - pity. On the plus side, we are only 30 miles from Andorra - apparently electronics (and petrol) are very cheap up there, we will have to go on a shopping trip!

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