Saturday, 3 March 2012

Settling In

Almost a week in Ariege, and we awoke to a damp grey day after five hot blue ones (19C yesterday) - a chance to get sorted. It has been great to unwind after the last six weeks of frantic guide-book related chicanery, do a bit of climbing, explore the area, have a walk in the snow and generally take things a bit easier.

Above: Sherri at 6450' on the Plateau de Beile - with camera still attached.

Sherri has already adopted a couple of local cats, both parties seem more than happy with the arrangements!

The only down-side, Sherri lost her camera up on the slopes a couple of days ago, it dropped off her belt into the snow, we retraced our steps but it had gone - pity. On the plus side, we are only 30 miles from Andorra - apparently electronics (and petrol) are very cheap up there, we will have to go on a shopping trip!

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