Monday, 24 October 2011

The 'B' Team's Back

Binks, Big Binney, and Mini-Binney sailed into Pothia on the late ferry Thursday - evading all the traps set by the Greek National Strike.
As ever they set to work with a will - 3 days in and 30 routes ticked already! Make my 50 routes in 2.5 weeks look a bit feeble - I have just been pacing myself honest!

Went to Miltiadis on Telendos today - one of Bruno Fara's discoveries. We were all pleasantly surprised, though maybe we shouldn't have been - they were superb (and at 35m - big) routes on great rock, and really well bolted - 17 clips on the 7a that Colin did on-sight.

The man himself was there hard at work as ever, creating more routes for us to do - he had broken his ice axe whilst hacking out wiry bushes - I really must buy him a beer (or maybe a Pernod) in respect of all the great work he has done.

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andysomething said...

Those yellow pants aren't used to that kind of grade!

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