Saturday, 30 April 2011

Peaking Too Soon

The journey home was a breeze; I am no fan of RyanAir, but they whisked us back to East Midlands for £35 each and bang on time, so we have no reason to complain.
We have been watching the UK weather for a while and were well aware of what a gorgeous spring the country has been having so it was a treat to get get out in the Peak to clean up a last few crag shots. The Manifold Valley was very quiet and resplendent in its spring green colours. I have new seen Thor's Cave looking so dry, and duly photoed it.
Later that day I was on the phone to Colin and he revealed that he has three weeks off some time soon - brilliant, so where shall we go this time?
Sunday was blue and windy, a jolly team assembled at Bamford and a bunch of classics were ticked in good order. Bank Holday Monday tomorrow; could be Burbage South.

Looks like I picked up a right snotty cold on the flight home - that's what you get for £35 - dirty bar-stewards!

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