Thursday, 17 January 2013

Different Strokes

A couple of days of sleet/snow/drizzle down at the level of the village (1700') meant it had to be worth a look up at the Beille plateau when the skies finally cleared. As expected it was -6C up at 6000' with blues skies a chill wind, and the whole area plastered under 3 feet of fresh snow - a true winter wonderland.
We borrowed Anne and Johns' snow-shoes (racquettes) and went off for a plodge around in the white stuff. It was surprisingly hard work as the snow was completely unconsolidated, though without the shoes it would have have been a waist-deep wading session. The scenery was something special, a huge white panorama and there wasn't a soul to be seen anywhere. It was a 1st for us, though I think it won't be a last!

The Seasons Swing

DEEP snow on the Col de Palhiers  And so back to the Ariege for a couple of weeks. Apparently while we were in Greece and Turkey it was ...