Monday, 11 December 2006

Slipstones - swift attack

A sunny forecast and the need to do the Christmas present run gave me the chance to sort another set of crag shots for the up-coming Northern England guide. An early start from Sheffield and we were in Coverdale by mid morning.

Despite the bitter wind the car parking was already just about full with a dozen or so vehicles, and it has to be admitted it was quite pleasant on the crag, its reputation for being a solid winter venue passed muster. I first visited the crag way back on 4th February 1967 and commented in my diary that we "managing "about 20 routes", so really I should have known it would be OKay!

The various teams on the crag were engrossed across the grade spectrum from a couple spotting each other on a three metre Moderate to afficianos 0n Holeshot (V9).
Thirty minutes later I had cracked off 60 shots and was headed back to the car ready to complete our journey north, I vowed to get back to the cliff sooner rather than later.

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