Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Time Flies

Its been a while since I posted, but we have been busy. There are only a couple of weeks left now! Dave Gregory has been and gone again (for the second time) and I have been working flat-out on a new departure with RockFax, all too be revealed very soon.
We have been climbing again, back to Montesa (I was 'spotted' again - have to stop putting my photo in the guides!) and at Alcalali (doubled up with a water-bottle filling trip). We hiked up to the Cova de Agua on the Montgo, a cave that has been used as a water supply since at least Roman times, there is even an original Latin inscription up there.
We have also spent some time exploring the coast around Javia, onshore winds have pumped up some big waves, there were even surfers out there. It looks like another potential DWS venue.
This week is the Fallas festival in Denia, it starts with fireworks, then competing factions build huge statues of wood, clay and papiermache judged by the local dignitaries. After various competitions (and more fireworks) they are burnt in reverse order - all accompanied by yet more fireworks, and concluding at two in the morning, sounds like it might be fun!

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