Saturday, 26 May 2007

Northward one more time

A week in Northumberland was the plan to tie up the loose ends, so we slipped away early, and headed up the A1. A brief detour had me thrashing through the jungles of the Eavestones, and getting blasted on the minor grit of Crag Willas (where is that do I hear you say?) before we hauled up to classic sandstone at Simonseat and Ravensheugh.
Colin arrived and Bruce turned up too; amazingly we had Corby's to ourselves - and on a Saturday - I manage 10 routes, Binky went into overdrive with 16! My tally included Tiger Feet (E1 5a **), Sunshine Superman (HVS 5a ***) and Ranadon (E2 5b ***) all routes I had never done before.
As we packed in and headed for the cottage the rain arrived and much, much more is forecast for the Bank Holiday - especially down south!

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