Wednesday, 6 June 2007

One Big Step for Mankind

An e-mail from Lofoten guide Thorbjorn Enevold brings worrying news from the far north -

"Latest news about the goat, most important. The landing platform on the Lillehorn, where you normally land, (if you have not climbed down), has fallen down this winter. Now the leap is a true jump, with a much smaller place to land. The climb itself, up from the shoulder are also more difficult now. And last, but not least, the traverse on the 1910 Route has also changed.
The jump has completely changed. We will not do the jump with normal tourists anymore."

There were those of us who though the original leap was too wide for safety and sanity so now it must be really wild! The initial shot shows me on the 'Big Horn" last year, it is the smaller right-hand one that has changed - sad news!


random finn said...

Is this a hoax? Any references? I can't believe... :'(

Reissurääpäle said...

I did climb 1910 Route during our stay at Lofoten (July). Never climbed it before but I would say that traverse is still possible to climb but rock between horns has cracked and it has became very sharp. So some care has to take when planning how your ropes are going.

Gap is now wider obviously when it has lost big flake but we still did jump. Gap is one and half foot wider (I think) than it used to be.

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