Thursday, 20 September 2007

The Galloping Guidebook Writer

Photo: Colin on Tom's Peeping VS 5a (or E1 6a?).

Deadlines, the weather, partners, home-life, other jobs - some juggling was needed as the autumn rapidly approaches and so does the printing date for Northern England.
A cast of thousands was assembled to get the final few shots and do some last minute checking.
In the event (and as ever) it fell to myself, Alan and Colin to spend a couple of frantic days. Day 1 was Scugdale, Park Nab and the Wainstones, completed just as the cloud motored in and the temperature plummeted. We bumped into a Cleveland MC meet and discussed the guide/photos/which cliffs were in an out etc. all in an amicable fashion which was nice.
Day 2 and we drove through heavy rain to emerge in bright sunshine just south of Bellingham, the days was spent on Callerhues getting trashed - the grades were as anomalous as we had expected - and more so in some cases - all will be revealed in the new guide.
Then it was off to Causey Quarry to catch the last rays of the sun before heading for home - back into the rain!

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