Tuesday, 25 March 2008

One Last Time

With only a week to go we decided to get round the area one last time, a day on the coast path, a day in the hills, a day cragging and day at the seaside.
It had been pretty windy of late, the good old Mistral, but sunny and warm, compared to the Baltic conditions back in the UK we certainly are not complaining. Now it really feels like it is warming up, the trees are greening rapidly and the flowers are out - spring is on the way.

It has been great spending another winter away from the UK, though oddly, apart from two weeks at Climb France (Buis des Baronnais) we have nothing else booked for the year - though I am sure we will find somewhere to go! 
There are rumours of a major shindig in Lofoten - something about the launch of a new guidebook so we might have to head back up there!

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