Saturday, 12 April 2008

Snow Time like the Present

ClimbFrance ended with a bit of a bang - after a couple of grey but perfectly pleasant days we were woken a spectacular and noisy thunderstorm on our last morning, so close it almost knocked us out of bed. And that was it, two weeks gone and time to move on! We packed up and drove for about three hours eastwards into ever more spectacular scenery, it looked like full winter still up in the high Alps. 
We booked in to our accommodation at AlpSun 10 minutes early, unloaded the car, had a stroll into the old village of Les Vigneaux, which is located in a side valley a short distance to the south of Briançon.
As we were only about 10km from Ailefroid, a place I had long wanted to visit, we had a ride up to the end of the valley. Despite rumours to the contrary the road was open, but there was a whole heap of snow around. It turned out the snow-ploughs had cleared the road that very morning - now that's what I call timing!
Sunday the sky was blue and the snow plastered peaks glittered in the sun - superb. Half a dozen route on one of the local gneiss 'ecoles' loosened the muscles then I zipped through the 'green' via ferrata in the bottom of the Durance ravine - great fun. This area has a mass of potential, it is a matter of how much we can see in ten days!

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