Sunday, 23 November 2008

Wharncliffe Wanderings

Dave Gregory was doing a bit of research for a someone writing a history of James Puttrell (JWP) and he had a selection of ancient b & w photographs - ostensibly of Wharncliffe) that he wanted identifying. It was the coldest day of the year so far (1.5 degrees) but it seemed like as good an excuse as any for a day out.
We managed to i.d. all the shots except one (left) which was captioned "Puttrell's Crack" though this turned out to be a wide chimney crack. Despite having climbed in the Peak for a combined period of over 100 years, neither of us could put a name to the route. I even placed a thread on UKC asking the "great and good" for their help, but so far this has also drawn a complete blank!

We also visited Cascade Buttres, the Bass Rock and Lodge Buttress, so I took a few shots for Eastern Grit Ver.III though that will be a few years down the line.


Michelle Papworth said...

I have this picture too, along with about 50 others of Puttrell et al climbing and jumping at Wharncliffe captioned and dated from 1900 to 1924. The caption reads "(Wharncliffe) A bit of finger work! ("The Traveller" Mag.)" I know that the picture appears in Byne's book too, and it might be from there that the allusion to Puttrell's Crack comes from for the picture is captioned" JW Puttrell climbing his crack....."

Dave Hogan said...

Just spent the weekend at the CC hut at Ynys Ettws where the conversation turned to Puttrell - who in my opinion deserves some kind of memorial/monument in Sheffield. On trawling the internet I see that there is a new biography out next month.

Has the mystery of the photo been resolved? Has Chris been in touch with the author?

Chris Craggs said...

I haven't been to look but I have it on fair authority that it is Puttrell's Crack on the Upper Tier at Wharncliffe. The route is only 6m, but the photo makes it look much bigger!

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