Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wham, Bam, thank you Mam!

Colin came down for a few days to get a bit of rocking done - the weather has been hot and sweaty for a while now but we thought we would try a few new venues. As a starter Masson Lees was interesting (including the drive down, my car was in for a service, they offered me a choice of courtesy car - a diesel Legacy or an Impreza WRX!). The sunny side was roasting but the shady side was much more equable. We did six routes (OK Colin did seven, including cruising a F7a) - a great find by Gary and bon effort with the development.
Thursday we headed for Colwyn Bay and the routes at Penmaen Head - again we were more than a little surprised, pleasant setting, great routes, lovely rock. The sun eventually fried us but in the mean time I did seven and Colin did eleven (and a half!) - a place we must go back too asap.
Friday was forecast to be the hottest yet, so we headed for Higgar Tor in the hope of catching a bit of a breeze. The hope was a bit forlorn (due to the easterly wind) but we did half a dozen of the 'easier. routes up there. I vidoed Colin zipping up the File in 2 mins 35 secs too! What I need now is a bit of a rest - maybe a cruise to Zeebrugge and a touring holiday to Switzerland will fit the bill!

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