Thursday, 3 September 2009

Very Swish

The flight to Geneva was a bit delayed, but at £34 return from East Midlands, who is complaining. At the Swiss end things were as efficient as you might have expected. We rolled into Camping Grund at 9:30 and moved into a little cabin (very Norwegian) with views of the nearly full moon and scudding clouds.
Despite a bit of a grotty forecast Thursday dawned bright enough to tempt us up to Azalee Beach. Impressive clouds and the odd spot of rain didn’t deter as we cracked of a couple of excellent routes (7 pitches in all) and Sherri stocked up with breakfast berries. We retired for a brew and to sort out the shopping. According to the news, EasyJet are pulling out of East Midlands, I hope that isn’t within the next two weeks!

Friday was slated to be the deluge day, but again it stayed dry and warm with just a few spits and spots out of a heavy sky. We visited a roadside crag just a few km from Meiringen and did half-a-dozen steep and worthwhile climbs. Sadly logging them is tricky as it is another great cliff that doesn't appear in the UKC Databases.
By dusk it was tipping down, bowing a gale and the temperature had dropped to 8C - the front had finally arrived!

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andysomething said...

Looks good Chris - tell Col we went back to Simonside wednesday - excellent weather but crag soaking wet - wet to East Woodburn instead - nice there. Weather terrible here for last 2 days

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