Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday School Outing

November draws to a close and the weather remains superb, though the forecast suggest there might be a bit of break-down towards the middle of next week; we can't complain, especially considering what the UK has been suffering.
On one of our forays over to the north side of the island we had spotted a superb looking secluded beach about a half-hours' walk downhill from the new road. For a Sunday rest-day We took a small picnic plus the snorkling gear and headed in there. There is a tiny chapel down there, some old ruined buildings (Italian, from the war maybe) and superb crystal sea. Oh - and the inevitable unclimbed cliffs.


Aris said...

Actually, this cliff is not unclimbed yet!
Sector "The Beach".
1. Suite 2* 5c 30m The beach Good slab with some big holds. A good value for the grade.
2 Piero & Angela 2* 6a 30m The beach A fingery and technical slab
3 Ciuccia bau 2* 6b 30m The beach Technical wall climbing.
4 One year 2* 6c+ 25m The beach An interesting bulging wall with a tricky sequence.
5 Elizabeth ♪ 7b 25m The beach A stunning line on excellent quality rock and wonderfully technical climbing. Start by pulling up the fixed rope.

Chris Craggs said...

I spotted the route with the knotted rope but missed the others. There is another fine piece of rock a few 100m along the coast too - just where the path ends.

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