Monday, 21 December 2009

Mid-Winter Blues

21st of December and it is midwinter, at least it sounds that way back in the UK. Here there was an early shower - with cracking rainbow - and then the sun came out, the sky was a deepest blue and the wind out of the north, cooler but more settled weather was the order of the day. And best of all forecast is good once again.
We popped out to a newish Sector to the left of Sea Breeze and I did five route, most of which were excellent. A newly developed problem is, that with the damp warm weather, all the deeper pockets now contain herb gardens of various make-ups. There is usually plenty of room for your fingers, but the footwork requires a bit of care in case you get low-friction slick mashed cabbage on your high-friction soles. The shot to the left illustrates this, it is like looking up a fresh green meadow. Better than battling verglas mind!

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