Friday, 8 January 2010

January Sails

It must be three or four weeks since the last rain, Christmas has come and gone, and with it a few visitors, though a lot less then we expected. Perhaps the most striking thing about Kalymnos has been the mildness of the weather, whist the UK suffers/enjoys the worst/best cold snap for 30 years, and both the Costa Blanca and Cote d'Azure are cool and unsettled we get day after day of mild weather, with lows about 12C and highs about 18C, and for early January that is pretty impressive. Three e-mails arrived in the same day, all from the UK and all saying 'don't come home' - OK, I can take a hint!
The arrival of Adrian's Haute Provence guide has spurred me into action and I have been making steady progress with what has become known as France Volume 2.
The climbing is still great, though I am having to cast around to find stuff to do a bit, hardly surprising after 3 months here!

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