Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Nikon P7000 - First Thoughts

I have had the new Nikon P7000 now for three weeks (a big thank-you to Harrison Photo-Video in Sheffield who got me one the day after it was released) and I thought a little report back might be a good idea. It is quite a chunky beast, substantially bigger and heavier than my old Leica DLux 3, but is small enough to be carried on the hip and used with one hand.
The lens is a cracker, at 28-200 it covers a substantial range and at 2.8-5.6 is quite fast too.The two shots above show the full range of the zoom - impressive enough.
It has a decent sized sensor, reasonable low light performance, a rapid shooting mode (not sure how many fps - but a few). A 90 minute battery charge lasts for more than a week of shooting. It has a high quality video mode (720 fps) in which the full range of the zoom works AND a view-finder. Link HERE to a short video. It also has a neat 'stitch-assist' for overlapping panoramas which is very effective. Rapid start up and negligible shutter lag; all in all, a great package.

Cons: the manual only comes as a PDF, the battery symbol only shows when it needs a recharge rather than a diminishing scale (still get a days shooting out of it when the light comes on), and it will fire when it can't focus (shows a red square to warn you mind). I would have preferred the lcd screen to be recessed rather then flush with the back of the camera, will need to take care.


Rob P aka Veteye on UKC said...

Have wondered about this camera as my D90 has been a disappointment, and is currently at the mend again, along with the equivalent lens of the P7000, i.e 28-200, and also a more manageable lens, 28-135.So I currently am using my old D70 and a pre-digital 70-300 lens which is far too much of a zoom, and has of course no wide angle possibility.
I probably will get the camera mended,but may also buy the high end compact.
How much did yours cost?

Chris Craggs said...

List price was £485, I got it for £450 and that included a £20 Lowe-Pro hip case.


Chris Craggs said...

I think you can get them for c£350 now. Software Version 1.1 has sharpened up the focusing and the write times.

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