Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Keeping a Weather Eye Open

Colin arrived late Thursday and the weather has been pretty mixed, though we have managed to climb three days out of the four, and by keeping one eye on the sky we have managed to stay dry. The cliffs are varied but all share superb rock, fantastic settings and a high level of fixed gear. The forecast is superb so in a couple of days we are heading over towards Nissedal. The distant view from yesterday’s crag revealed plenty of snow up in them thar hills - might be interesting!

The weather has perked up it was 25C today (Friday 3 June) which was a bit of a shock. More great cliffs and brilliant routes!


Anonymous said...

Hi, We met at Muserud today. You and Colin talked about going to Nissedal. If I understood correct Colin asked whether I wanted to join you climbing Hägar.

If you are going this weekend I'm really keen. From Friday to Saturday (I have my own Car).

Hope to hear from you. You can reach me on 92 60 90 90 and eivindtv@hotmail.com

Eivind (Ingrid)

andysomething said...

Looks fantastic!

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