Thursday, 18 October 2012

Island Hopping Mad

 We left Kalymnos for a look at a few other islands and with the idea of popping over to Turkey to visit Sherri's mum who spends a lot of time in Marmaris. We caught the fast ferry to Nisyros and spent a couple of great days exploring this volcanic island. The place was really quiet which suites us - a right pair of 'Shirley Valentines'.
Then it was on to Rhodes by way of a couple of other interesting islands -which looked great from the ferry - maybe next time round! At Rhodes we breifly ended up in the Old Town, it felt like a cross between a Bank Holiday in York and Disneyland - not pleasant.
In summary, Rhodes is busy (and hot) - lets see what tomorrow and Turkey bring.

Update: Turkey was interesting, much hotter than Greece (which is odd, as that area only about 50 miles apart) and very cheap. Their propensity for queues and rubber stamps felt like another era - thank goodness for the EU! Finally I don't think we saw a woman working anywhere - in the shops, driving vehicles, in the restaurants or on the boat - a bit 19th Century.

On returning to Rhodes we decided to leave the travelling for a couple of days as it was so windy - got to like the place, especially the old town - as you avoid the tourist traps.

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