Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Top of the Island

Two and a bit weeks in,  and we are pretty settled. We have had a couple of half-damp days, done 40+ routes and eased back into Island Life. The majority of the climbers have left now - I guess there maybe around 50 left, and Babis Bar has gone very 'quiet' as we are the only residents now. Evenings usually revolve around a  beer in the bar and a bit of wifi with Babis, tonight there are a just a couple of locals and a very loud TV showing some ancient and very shouty Greek film - they appear to find it funny!
Two days ago was clear and cool so we did something we have been meaning to do for years, has  a walk up to the highest point on the island - Prophitis Elias - a pleasant walk and a fantastic 360 degree viewpoint.
Tomorrow Babis has invited us for an afternoon lunch of salad, fresh fish, calamares and retsina - that's one reason why we come in the winter. Might try and get a few route in 1st though!

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