Saturday, 8 August 2015

Ever Northwards

The Open Road
 Summer rolls around again and with it the usual issue of where to go to avoid the heat and the crowds - the whole of Europe on holiday at the same time - what a barmy idea.
Then Thorbjørn told me the Lofoten guidebook would probably sell out next year and a plan was hatched.
Kiruna and the remains of Iron Mountain
We did some checking and as ever getting to Arctic Norway cost a fortune, but some research showed we could get to Skellefteå in Northern Sweden for £40 and car hire there was 1/4 of the cost of Norway so sorted!
As ever, travelling in Scandanavia is brilliant, with good roads and little traffic, and although the speed limits are a bit slow progress is usually pretty steady
We had a couple days around Skellefteå then drove the five hours to the town of Kiruna in Arctic Sweden - an odd spot built around the two iron ore mountains that they are gradually removing.
The weather has been fine so far and the wildlife is interesting, Arctic Hare, Reindeer, Elk and Weasel on the tick-list so far. Next it is on towards Norway with a car full of cheap Swedish petrol, food and booze!

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