Sunday, 26 March 2017

Peak Greek Season

Andy climbing at Black Buddha - prime conditions
Two weeks ago today we made the bumpy crossing back to Kalymos, and back to Babis Bar. The first week was cold with  a brisk northerly, we got a bit of climbing done, and a bit of taking it easy.
Pretty much all of the cats have made it through the winter thanks to 'Cat Man Steve's' daily visits to scatter a bit of biscuity happiness about. Sherri has ensured they have all done a bit of 'beefing up' since we arrived - with a couple of regular feedings every day.
Sherri's Cat Cafe is open for business
Andy and Colin arrived five days ago and brought some proper summer weather with them - we have taken to climbing in the shade it has been so warm. The various Arginonta Valley crags have been the main venue of choice, good long routes, accessible, shade plus some climbs we haven't done before.
The place has been exceptionally quiet which is just how we like it - and so green and floral - not the Greece that most people expect.
Doubtless the crowds will start to arrive soon and spoil everything, but we will work round them!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the people who live and have businesses on Kalymnos would not agree with your sentiments regarding visitors to the island.
Some of your income comes from selling guidebooks to climbers who you then don't want to see at places you visit.
Why encourage the climbers to visit by publishing your guidebooks in the first place?
You can't have it both ways.

Chris Craggs said...

I'm not really sure of your point Anonymous - I climb, I write guidebooks and I don't like crowds. I visit popular venues when they are out of season.


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