Friday, 20 April 2018

The Seasons Swing

DEEP snow on the Col de Palhiers
 And so back to the Ariege for a couple of weeks. Apparently while we were in Greece and Turkey it was exceptionally cold and unsettled in the Pyrenees - the spring was up to four weeks late according to some sources.
Right on time, the sun came out and the temperatures shot up, 27C in the valley was a bit of a surprise. Climbing, hiking and planning the onward trip - back to the UK but looking to take six to eight weeks over it and visit as many crags as possible on the way - no plans for the summer yet.
Summer is here!
The bumper new Kalymnos guide is due out in a  couple of weeks - as expected the news of its imminent publication caused a bit of a brouhaha. That is a word taught to me by the late Walt Unsworth when my first ever guidebook - the Costa Blanca was published way back in May 1990. In the intervening 28 years and 25 guidebooks later, virtually ever one has upset somebody - we were even accused of destroying the volunteer guidebook effort in the UK.
In the end, the sky didn't fall in, there were no losers and the winners were the guidebook buying public as everybody else raised their game - long may that continue to be the case.

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