Saturday, 7 July 2018

Back to Burning Blighty

Seven Deadly Virtues (E1 5b) Harpur Hill
After a couple of months in Switzerland we headed back to the UK. The weather in the Alps had been unseasonably cool and unsettled for the whole of our trip, although this may have been a blessing in disguise - climbing conditions were perfect and everywhere was lovely and quiet.
By complete contrast the weather in UK has been quite bizarre, unrelentingly hot, blue and dry. With temperatures regularly in the high twenties climbing has always involved seeking out shade.
Harpur Hill Blue Lagoon - looks inviting
Harpur Hill Quarry has been the crag of choice, usually it is a bit of a dismal spot, but with the sustained good weather the place is bone dry, and may routes are in excellent condition.
There has been a regular and large turn-out of the "Grumpies" - the group of retirees who climb every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Apparently I am too Grumpy to qualify for membership!!!)
Full team turn-out at Pic Tor, Matlock
I find it odd that we are away for 10 months, then when we call back we see the same people, meeting at the same (excellent) cafe, going to the same crags and often doing the same routes as a year ago, we will join in for the summer before we head off again  - though I may need to investigate a new car first!

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