Friday, 19 January 2007

No Big Segaria

The hottest day so far seemed like a good choice for flogging up to the top of the Sierra Segaria. From the parking at the Segaria Country Park we managed to lose the track a time or two despite the way-marking coloured spots. The steep gully leading to the ridge was better, with a an easy-to-follow track and from the summit (c1500ft) the views were superb in all directions. An eagle flew by, being mobbed by a pair of ravens that were half its size. We had a long break on top and passed the time by pulling the cactus spines out of our legs and having a late lunch.

The descent was easier, and we manages to stay with the path this time, arriving back at the car (26 degrees) a mountain biker came by - the first soul we had seen all day.

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