Saturday, 6 January 2007

Variety is .....

Fancying something a little different in an attempt to rest tired fingers we thought we have a look at the recently installed Via Ferrate on the Ponoch. A twenty minute walk from the high parking gets you to the foot of a fine pillar, well equipped with metal-work and soaring skywards. There were a couple of teams ahead of us, but they were moving steadily so we set off in hot pursuit.
It was quite strenuous work, but the whole thing is very well organised, we didn't have 'proper' via fearrata gear but managed well enough with a couple of slings each. A cool wind sighed across the pillar, and wraiths of cloud streamed off the summit of Ponoch, encouraging us to keep moving.
800 feet of ascent saw us at the top of the pillar (42 minutes!) where a horizontal path leads rightwards (the descent route from Via Valencianos) following a a good track and some signs. A looping descent gains the upper of two abseils, and a rapid return to base - excellent stuff.

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