Saturday, 3 February 2007

Montesa and Toix

Last full day for Team UKC so we had a ride over to the great little crag at Montesa, as with the rest of the week, the weather was best described as mild (and a bit damp)! Not to be off-put we made the most of the gritty texture of the rock, and Alan cracked off the three driest routes including storming the classic of Sense titol 6c+. Myself and Mick dangled. Oddly there were no locals to be seen anywhere - and back in Denia the sun shone!
Sunday was 'airport-day' so the lads set off early to Toix East. A recent report of closed roads and rotted bolts proved
unfounded, so they did a quick three routes before the inevitable (!) rain started. They headed for the plane we returned home to sort the place out before the next arrival - Dave Gregory on Tuesday.

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