Friday, 29 February 2008

Leaping Year

DG arrived and the forecast rain didn't - a nice change. Airport day was cloudy but dry and warm so we spent a short afternoon at St Jeanette.

Friday was warmer still and sunny, so we visited one of the smaller cliffs in the Gorge du Blavet - coarse granite, almost with the feel of a grit crag, well apart from the fact it was well bolted throughout.

There was a largish group there being instructed, they were quiet and pretty focussed, and we managed to keep out of their way. At three o'clock they moved off and we had the crag to ourselves.

All in all it proved to be a very pleasant day - we cracked off 10 routes - and I never even got a marriage proposal, phew!

Saturday was hot an windy - very unusual conditions. We headed for Chateauvert, deep in a sheltered valley it was perfect, again quite busy, but with plenty to go at! Brilliant rock, big pitches, fat bolts - a cracking spot!

Oh - and the good news, Northern England saw the light of day on Friday - what with Lofoten moving along well, it could be two books published in two months - now that is novel!

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