Friday, 26 September 2008

Brrrrmmmm brrrmmmm

We were travelling back home from Ariege on the day of my birthday, Sherri gave me my present - but the bag seemed rather small! In fact it contained a Subaru World Rally team cap - and a voucher for driving an Ariel Atom at Elvinton air base near York.
Suffice to say the expereince was both breathtaking and exhausting! The cockpit was a tight fit for a 6' 3" hulk and apparently the pedals are set for size 8 feet. That is my excuse for over-cooking a couple of the bends and flattening several of the marker cones!

Later I did some extra laps in an Impreza STI - though a lot less of a beast than the Atom it was also a lot more driveable. On my final lap I overtook two Lamborghinis and a Ferrari - Italian supercars - pah!

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