Friday, 3 October 2008


Well that was easy! The flight only took just over 3.5 hours, a brisk tail-wind meant we were covering the ground at at over 600 mph. Two taxi-rides and ferry and were were there. A meal and a beer on the terrace overlooking the Agean (Greek Salad, Moussaka and Dolmades) and it really felt like we had arrived.
Next morning we took a walk out to the headland to the north just to get a look at the area.

First thoughts:
1) Hot - a shade temperature of 28 C is to hot to climb - for me at least!
2) Busy - the crags look like they are heaving - I counted 50+ climbers on up on Oddessy
3) Scruffy - the amount of litter scattered in the hedgerows looks like Spain did 20 years ago.
4) Very friendly locals.
5) Lovely unspoiled spot (always excepting the litter!).

The scooter culture looks a bit dodgy - we might hire a car instead!

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