Saturday, 25 October 2008


Three weeks in - 80 brilliant routes, 10 minutes rain - that just about sums it up.
My climbing has pretty much tailed of in recent years, from fanatical to just keen! I seem to spend most of my time checking stuff for guidebooks and grabbing the odd days climbing here and there. Kalymnos has been a revelation, every crag has been great, the routes have generally been magnificent - even in the lower end of the grade spectrum that I now operate in. The old pattern of pick a crag and go climbing, then do the same tomorrow and the day after has been really great. There are still huge swathes of cliff we haven't been anywhere near, and finally as the season draws to an end it it starting to quieten down nicely. Regular reports on the UK weather from Dave Gregory, plus three e-mails all saying how grim it is back in the UK, have got me wondering - do we really want to go home!

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