Friday, 26 December 2008

Not Again!

The journey to the airport went OK until the car started making an odd 'flapping' noise and a passing motorist waved us down. A well-shredded back tyre was the cause, we tucked in tight to the barrier, pulled on our day-glow jackets and set about changing it metres from the roaring traffic. Within five minutes a big motorway assistance vehicle was pulled in behind us - lights flashing and protecting us from the traffic - impressive!
We made it to the airport, collect Colin (just a little late) and headed for home. Already the skies had become leaden and spots of rain were falling. Christmas Day was windy cool, and damp, and Boxing Day a was even wilder - though we got a few routes done on the Dramont.
It has been happening for years, the great weather lasts just as long as we are alone and as soon guests arrive it turns pear-shaped - maybe we need to tell them to stop at home!

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