Saturday, 13 December 2008

Quick as a Flash

That was easy enough! We started on Thursday afternoon with a steady ride to Hull, followed by a nice calm crossing to a frosty Zeebruge. I clicked on the cruise control and wound the car up to 90mph and seven and a half hours driving and 525 miles later we rolled into Chanas (south of Lyon) just after dark. Saturday morning another three and a half hours and we were in Saint Rafael.
On the way down the temperature never rose above 2.5 degrees, and most of the time it hovered around zero, but here it was a more equable 11 degrees.
We collected a bit of wood for the evenings fire, and settled in - the pad will be just fine.
Saturday night was a wild one, windy and wet, and Sunday was grey and cool - fortunatly the Meteo has been forecasting it for a week so we made the most of the poor weather with a lie-in (Sunday morning) and some more wood collecting - we have a bit of a stack already and judging by the temperature, we will be needing it!

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