Thursday, 29 January 2009

Guidebook Writing - Sheesh

Another lovely forecast, I decided to head for Chateauvert to take some shots and do a few routes. It is a great spot, big pitches and excellent rock, plus it gets all the sun that is going. I had already tried to photo the crags from below, but the valley is just too narrow and there are so many trees in the way. I checked the map and Google Earth and it was obvious that there was a road/track on the opposite side of the valley, though it was a few hundred metres back from the edge.
A couple of false start with the sat nav (really rough dirt-tracks shown as 'roads') and we got fairly close. It took three separate trips over two hours, heading into a complete wilderness (dense vegetation, fallen trees, briers, thorn bushes, loose rock, big drops) and two false starts before I finally located a jutting promontory that gave me the shots I wanted. By the time I got back to the car I was bushed (physically and metaphorically) and settled for a gentle drive home! We stopped briefly in Correns to photo an astounding mural on the wall there - superb.


Alex said...

Looks fantastic! What sort of grade are the routes? sport or trad? best time of year?

Chris Craggs said...

100+ routes. Full spread of grades from 3+ up to 8 something. Loads of big pitches. Minutes from the road. A great autumn/winter/spring venue.

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