Friday, 6 February 2009

Whether or Not?

The same old pattern repeats itself, with a regularity that is almost unbelievable. Colin went home after a rather unsettled spell and we were blessed with three and a half weeks of glorious sunshine. Dave Gregory arrived a week ago and we haven't seen the sun once since then! It may actually be the longest unsettled spell that we have had down here in over 20 years of regular visits. We have managed to climb and to get some walks in but it has been very much dodging the showers and grabbing the our moments as and when. It would appear that the weather Gods thought DG was going home tomorrow, as the forecast is much better, lets just hope its right before he has to head of back into the snow!
At least the poor weather has given me the chance to really get stuck into the Cote d'Azure guide, it is already looking really good, another award winner on the way maybe. Oddly some souls are trying to whip up resentment against it amongst French climbers - sad small minds!

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